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Youth Accounts

Start Kids of Any Age Saving for Their Future

Kids and Money

It’s never too early to plan for our children’s future. We can start saving for them when they’re born, and as they grow, teach them to Save Smarter. Our goal is to help them understand how money works, and why it’s important to have good savings habits, so we can eventually pass financial responsibilities on to them.

Our savings programs are designed for just that purpose. We offer programs beginning at birth, and ways for kids to save and learn at every age through young adulthood. We have prizes to help encourage kids to save more, and free online educational games to make it fun and help them learn how to Save Smarter. We also provide tools for teens to help them learn how to manage their own money and build credit. 

Mom, dad, or a legal guardian can get started by opening a child’s savings account.

Children find a fun way to save for their future by adding coins to a jar.

Kirby Kangaroo Club

Our Kirby Kangaroo Club is a great way for parents to encourage their kids to save, and as they grow, give kids through age 12 access to fun, age-appropriate saving and financial lessons, games, and prizes. Once you’ve opened an account for them, they are automatically part of the club. For every $5 they deposit, they earn 1 Kirby Buck. Kirby Bucks can be saved and redeemed for prizes. As part of the club, kids can also learn about saving with fun stories and interactive games on the Kirby Kangaroo website, and older kids can explore Banzai Junior or Banzai Teen, with fun ways to learn about saving, borrowing, and spending. All you need is a valid email address to get them started.

  • Ages Newborn–4:  As you start saving for your child, we’ll help you plan, build savings to meet your goals for their future, and address children’s changing needs as they grow. 

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  • Ages 5–9:   As your children get older and learn to interact more with the world, they can grasp the basics of saving money for future goals or items of their own. In addition to the Kirby Kangaroo Club, we provide fun incentives and activities or them, so they can enjoy the rewards of saving with tangible prizes, develop good habits, and learn the basic values that money represents.  

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  • Ages 10–12:  In this age range, your child may actually be earning money of their own through babysitting, odd jobs, or receiving an allowance. Along with you, they’ll also be starting to plan for their life ahead. As they earn, they need to learn about saving vs. spending, and the rewards that come with managing their money well. We continue to provide them with age-appropriate, fun activities, with a focus on real life lessons and help you start planning for their teen years. 

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CU Succeed/Claim Your Youth

  •  Ages 13–17: Our CU Succeed/Claim Your Youth Program is geared toward our teenage members. As they move into jobs, earn money, learn to drive, plan for college, and begin preparing for adulthood, our kids need new financial skills and lessons. While they’re still teens they can earn Kirby Bucks and redeem them for prizes, as well as start managing their money by learning about loans, credit, interest, and dividends. Teens can also open a checking account, acquire their first credit card, and apply for an auto loan, all actions for which they need a co-signer (a parent or guardian). 

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We’re here to support your efforts to help your kids Save Smarter and Live Smarter. Get started with a youth savings account below or call 315-735-8571 to discuss any questions you may have.

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