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Business Loans

Financing your business can take on a variety of forms and no two businesses are the same. We offer a full suite of business financing options to best fit your needs.

Due to positive experiences with my personal banking I chose First Source for some of my Business banking too.

— Matt Dziedzic, Dziedzic Insurance Agency, LLC
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Real Estate Loans for business can vary. Whether you’re looking to secure property to house your business in, or to use as rental property, we can help. We offer commercial owner-occupied, non-owner-occupied, and investment property, as well as residential loans. We’d love to speak with you about your specific goals and needs.

In order to run your business you probably have transportation needs – for you, deliveries, shipping/receiving, etc. We offer business vehicle loans and specialized vehicle loans for just this purpose. Car, van, pick-up, sport utility, tow truck, flatbed, larger trucks, tractor trailer, food truck, delivery, step vans and other non-traditional vehicles – the options are endless! Let us help you finance the perfect vehicle to support your business today.

Running a business comes with a multitude of funding needs, one of which is purchasing the equipment. The tools you need to run your business can be pricey. Things like construction, landscaping, farming, office, medical, food service, manufacturing equipment and more. We can help with Business Equipment Loans made just for this need.

Steady cash flow is a business necessity. First Source can help you keep a more consistent cash flow with a line of credit. We offer fixed and variable rate options to best suit your business needs. For both long- and short-term items like materials or everyday operating expenses, we offer flexible overdraft and working capital lines of credit. Plus low rates and principal & interest, or interest only payment terms, with friendly, knowledgeable people to help along the way. We can help you afford what you need to keep your business running.

Immediate and unexpected business needs always pop up. Be ready with our Business Credit Card. With revolving credit, a low fixed-rate and multiple users, it’s the business card you’ll love having at your fingertips. Plus enjoy online account access, detailed monthly expenses, and great local service.