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Business Savings

Business Savings, Money Markets and Term Share Certificates

You work hard on and in your business, so let it pay you back. Get a little more on your hard-earned dollars with our business savings solutions. Competitive dividends, automatic deposit, easy access to your funds and low minimum balance requirements are standard.

Opening a business savings share at First Source also solidifies your part ownership of the credit union. We are a member-owned organization and this account affords you, your share. With a $5 minimum deposit and meeting the membership requirements, you can become a business member, open your account, and start earning dividends on your savings today.

Let us help meet your short-term and long-term savings goals.

  • Savings Accounts
  • Money Markets
  • Term Share Certificates

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We have a business savings and checking account with First Source which helps to keep track of our finances, plus a business line of credit to help with production runs and contracts.

— Bernadette Rella, Rella’s Originals
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Which savings option is best for your business?

Our most popular options are highlighted for you.

Business Share Certificates

  • Monthly dividends
  • Fixed rates
  • $1,000 min deposit
  • No additional deposits permitted
  • Early withdrawal penalties apply

Business Money Market

  • Monthly dividends
  • Tiered rates
  • No min balance for dividends
  • Up to 6 withdrawals per month1

Business Share Accounts

Minimum Balance to Earn Dividends Dividend Rate APY*
$0.01 - $999.99 0.50% 0.50%
$1,000.00 - $4,999.99 0.55% 0.55%
$5,000 and Over 0.60% 0.60%

Business Money Market

Minimum Balance to Earn Dividends Dividend Rate APY*
Under $5,000.00 0.60% 0.60%
$5,000.00 - $9,999.99 0.70% 0.70%
$10,000.00 - $24,999.99 0.80% 0.80%
$25,000.00 - $49,999.99 0.90% 0.90%
$50,000.00 and Over 1.00% 1.00%

Business Term Share Certificates

Term Dividend Rate APY*
3 Month
$1,000.00 minimum balance to earn dividends
0.50% 0.50%
6 Month
$1,000.00 minimum balance to earn dividends
1.00% 1.00%
12 Month
$1,000.00 minimum balance to earn dividends
2.72% 2.76%
24 Month
$1,000.00 minimum balance to earn dividends
2.86% 2.90%
36 Month
$1,000.00 minimum balance to earn dividends
2.96% 3.00%
48 Month
$1,000.00 minimum balance to earn dividends
3.06% 3.10%
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