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This ICU Day, we celebrate you! Our Members!

Let’s Celebrate!

It’s all about you, our Members.

On Thursday, October 18th, we celebrate International Credit Union Day with other credit unions around the world. Today we remind our Members and our community that we are different from banks, and as a Member-centric organization, we have your best financial interests in mind.

Let’s Celebrate!

On October 18th, we’ll have coffee and treats, as well as pay-it-forward Member-appreciation giveaways throughout the day. Throughout the day, each branch will be giving away $10 (two $5 bills) each to ten randomly chosen Members. We hope that you’ll enjoy your $5 bill, and give the other $5 bill to someone else (paying it forward). Buy them a cup of coffee or a lotto ticket, donate it…it’s your choice! It’s just a small way to say that we appreciate your membership, and that every time we help you and the community, the goodness spreads.

Giving Back Through Financial Education

​We were founded in 1938 as Utica Teachers Federal Credit Union, born out of the necessity to provide financial assistance to educators in our area during the depression. Over the years, our product and service offerings have grown, and today, we proudly serve more than 46,000 Members, but our mission remains the same: To improve the quality of life of the Members and the communities we serve. We are proud to offer FREE financial education for you, whenever you need it. 

Thank you, and if you happen to be chosen at random for one of our gifts, enjoy!