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Live Smarter with a Holiday Loan

Cover Expenses like Gifts, Travel, Meals, and More

Why a Holiday Loan?

As we approach the holiday seasons, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, and others, our best intentions can temporarily exceed our bank balance, and paying off our holiday debt all at once (or at high interest rates) can become costly. A smarter approach: financing these expenses with a lower-interest loan that can be paid back over a longer period (up to a year*). That’s where a First Source Holiday Loan comes in.

What Expenses Qualify?

Funds from a Holiday Loan can be used to pay for qualifying expenses like holiday travel, gifts, food and groceries, or entertaining. We encourage our Members to save over the course of the year for these year-end expenses, but often we still need a little help.

Planning Ahead

If your funds for holiday expenses traditionally run low before the holidays are over, you may be miscalculating your seasonal budget. A Holiday Loan can help you plan a holiday budget and follow it as closely as possible. While unexpected expenses always come up (and those unexpected sales often catch us by surprise), with a budget, we’re much more likely to stay on track.

We work to ensure you understand the payments before finalizing your loan. If your monthly budget won't allow for the additional amount, you may have to adjust. We can help you work out the details so you can pay off your loan in a year (or less), and be ready for next holiday season.

Why a Great Rate Matters

The First Source Holiday Loan is currently at 4.99% APR, significantly lower than most credit cards, with terms that allow for predictable and manageable payments. Resorting to other methods with high interest rates to cover expenses can wreak havoc with your finances. If you apply and receive approval, we’ll put a payment plan in place. Once your funds are secured, you can follow your plan, and not stress so much.

Limited Time

Our Holiday Loan is only available through December 18th, 2018, and requires application and approval time, so make an appointment to meet with one of our Financial Service Representatives as soon as possible to see if you qualify. Then you can focus on what’s most important, and enjoy your holidays with peace of mind.

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Say goodbye to the dreaded enormous credit card bills after the holidays. A lower-rate First Source Holiday Loan could help with your holiday expenses, so you can stop stressing about finances, and focus on what matters most.

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*Monthly payments for a 1 year holiday loan would be $85.61 per $1,000 borrowed.
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