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Financial Literacy

First Source has deep roots in education, initially founded as Utica Teachers Federal Credit Union in 1938. Financial literacy is very important to us, as learning good financial habits at an early age is helpful throughout all aspects of life. We offer 2 free Financial Literacy Programs and have a designated Schools Relationship Coordinator.

Programs for Educators


Programs available for elementary, middle, and high school students.

The curriculum is workbook and online-based and takes students through real life financial scenarios where they “choose their destination” as they go. The online learning center offers relationship builders for the students. Once their course is completed, if the student opens a new First Source youth account, we will deposit $10 in their savings.

To order:

The educator will order the materials online http://firstsource.teachbanzai.com/ Materials will be delivered directly to the educator’s classroom. Once the order is placed and delivered, we will reach out to you for assistance in facilitating the program and classroom presentations.

There is a teacher’s guide supplied, but you may also take advantage of training by a Banzai Rep, through a toll free number if you would like.

We are excited about offering opportunities for financial literacy to your classroom and look forward to working with you!

National Endowment For Education (NEFE)

Program serves high school and college students plus offers retirement planning education for adults.

High School Financial Planning Program includes:
(6) 40-page, workbook-based, student planning guides and online quizzes:

  1. Money Management
  2. Borrowing
  3. Earning Power
  4. Investing
  5. Financial Services
  6. Insurance

This program is free to any high school or college educator. There are two options to order:

  1. Directly through NEFE
  2. Through your FSFCU representative, Katie Ullman kullman@fsource.org
  3. (315) 735-8571

If ordered through FSFCU we will have them sent to the branch of your choice for easy pickup. We will reach out to you once the program is delivered and offer assistance with facilitating the program.

The materials do come with teacher guides; however, there is no training unless the educator chooses to attend an offsite training or conference.