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Funeral Costs 

Is a Family Support Loan Right for you?

There are times you simply cannot prepare for. The weight of picking up the pieces during a loss can seem very heavy. Knowing there is somewhere to turn for help to cover costs means one less burden to carry.

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There’s Help: The Family Support Loan

In times of need, we offer a low-rate Family Support Loan to help cover the financial burdens during a loss. You can use it to finance funeral expenses, including but not limited to: services, burial, casket, urn, cremation, mailings, bereavement event costs, and flowers. Interest rates depend on the term of your loan. Ask us about options that may fit your financial ability. 

Typical Funeral Costs

Costs can vary widely, though a typical traditional adult funeral and burial can cost between $7,000 and $10,000, and can often be much more. Funeral cost breakdowns can be found on a number of funeral services websites.

The range of costs mentioned above includes items like funeral home services, burial in a cemetery (interment), and a headstone. Even if the choice is for cremation, burial may or may not be an added expense, and can include purchase of a burial plot or mausoleum space, headstone, and a one-time maintenance fee. These expenses alone may be anywhere from $4,000-12,000, depending on the choices made. If the family opts not to have an actual burial or cemetery plot, the alternative funeral home expenses will be much less. 

Even with minimal requirements and saving in certain areas, the expense can be a burden without available funds or insurance, especially if the death is unexpected. Because many people find themselves without any of these sources and without access to the total funds required for a funeral, we have developed the Family Support Loan to help with just these types of expenses.

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Family Support Loan Comparison Calculator

Term APR
12 Month as low as 6.99%
24 Month as low as 7.09%
36 Month as low as 7.19%
48 Month as low as 7.29%
60 Month as low as 7.39%

Loan rates and terms are determined by overall credit history and are subject to change without notice. Applications are subject to credit approval.

Monthly payments for a 5 year family support loan would be $19.98 per $1,000 borrowed.

Loan must be used for bereavement needs.

*Federally insured by NCUA. Membership and credit requirements apply. Rates and terms determined by overall credit history and subject to change.