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We're Offering Flood Relief Funding Options

Many in our community have suffered substantial losses following the devastating storm that ravaged our area on October 31st. Recovery will be a long process as local families and businesses manage the widespread destruction, property damages, displacement and loss of work. In an effort to support our Members during this challenging time, First Source is offering Flood Relief Funding Options.

High flood waters cause damage in a local community

Home Improvement Loan

We understand that dealing with the after-effects of a natural disaster can be stressful for you and your finances. Should you need help covering the costs of storm-related home repairs, our Home Improvement Loan rate has been lowered, to help ease some of that financial burden. This new rate will be available from November 5th, 2019 through  January 31st, 2020 to specifically help victims of the recent flooding.

NEW: Storm Relief Loan

A Storm Relief Loan is the newest addition to our Personal Use loan suite. Borrow up to $2,500, at a low rate of 5.99%, for up to 36 months.

Funds from a Storm Relief Loan are specifically related to storm damage and intended to cover expenses like car repairs, long-term hotel accommodations, alternate transportation needs, and unexpected out of pocket costs. If you need cash for any storm-related expenditures, not specifically related to home repairs, this could be the loan option for you.

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