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First Source 52-Week Savings Challenge

Start Any Time to Meet Your Savings Goals

We’re helping people start new savings habits with our #52WeekSavingsChallenge. Since the challenge starts out small and builds as you go, it’s never too late to start and see how much you can save and earn.

How does it work?

Set a Goal - Create your own personal goal to save towards. Maybe a car, vacation, emergency fund, or for investing.

Make a Plan - Make a plan that works for you.

  • Example: Start with $1/week and increase the deposit amount by $1 each week as you go. So you’d save $1 in week 1, $2 in week 2, $3 in week 3, and so on for the entire year. You’d be depositing $52 the last week of the year, and you will have saved a total of $1,378!

While it’s fun to start on January 1stand save for a full calendar year, you can start at any point during the year, and simply save for the next 52 weeks. The amounts are also merely a suggestion. You should save an amount that is comfortable for you. If these amounts seem too easy, try doubling the amount each week. If they seem like too much, choose smaller weekly amounts. 

Set Up an Account - Set up a special "52-Week Savings Challenge" account at any time, or use what makes sense for you. Make deposits to your account. The Challenge is simply a way to get started saving every week.

Having a separate account helps you see how much you have saved at any point, and keeps you from being tempted to spend it sooner.

If you’re already a Member, you can open a new special purpose share right through memberONLINE. If you’re not yet a First Source Member, make an appointment to get started.

Make it Easy - Starting your first week, set yourself a reminder each week to make your deposit, and use your mobile app to transfer funds right into your designated account. Our goal is to encourage you to save, wherever you choose.

Check in With Us - Let us know how you’re doing. We may feature your story. 

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Take the Challenge, save an amount that works for you, and see your savings grow.

— Tom Neumann, President/CEO