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Kids Age 15-17

Learning to manage your money

Chances are you have a part-time job to afford to do the things you want with your friends. You may also be saving for a bigger purchase like a car or college. You’re learning the real value of a dollar and some good spending and saving habits. If you don’t have a First Source account and your hard earned cash is sitting in a drawer or in a wallet you’re losing out on extras!

Deposit into a First Source Claim Your Youth account and earn dividends (that’s more money) and prizes!

Dont' have an account?

Make an appointment with your parents to come in and open one.

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For every $5 deposit, you’ll earn 1 Kirby Buck. Save up your Kirby bucks for the prizes listed below. Prizes get updated throughout the year.

Current Savings Prizes
(2) Kirby Bucks lets them choose a prize from the grab bag
(4) Kirby Bucks gets them a water bottle
(5) Kirby Bucks gets them a choice of (1) day pass to the Utica Zoo or Utica Children’s Museum
(8) Kirby Bucks gets them a choice of (2) day passes to the Utica Zoo or Utica Children’s Museum

If you make a one-time deposit of $75 or more, you get an automatic added $5 gift card for a local treat. (gift cards may vary)

You can also learn about saving with interactive games and blogs from other teens on our Claim Your Youth website.


Want your savings to work harder?

Check today’s share certificate rates effective February 26, 2017

Share rates and yields are subject to change without notice. Early withdrawal penalties may apply. Fees may reduce earnings.
*APY – Annual percentage yield