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Staying Safer

American Red Cross National Sound the Alarm Event

On average, 7 people die and 36 people are injured in home fires in the United States every day, most in homes that lack working smoke alarms. 

We can help change that.
Home fires kill more people every year than all other disasters combined. Help us “Sound the Alarm” to prevent these tragedies in our community. 

Sound the Alarm
First Source is working with The American Red Cross and their Home Fire Campaign to help save lives by installing free smoke alarms in homes that don't have them, and by educating people about home fire safety. 

Along with the Red Cross, we will be canvassing at-risk neighborhoods in Utica on 4/17, 4/18 and 4/19, hanging door tags on homes to let residents know they can receive free smoke alarms and free installation during the National Sound the Alarm event on 4/28.

On average, Red Cross volunteers help a family affected by a home fire or other disaster 180 times a day, or every 8 minutes. Right here, in the Eastern New York Region, the Red Cross responds to more than 400 home fires each year!

Together, we can prevent another home fire statistic.

Other Ways to Find or Offer Help

Learn more about the campaign by visiting the Sound the Alarm Eastern NY website

Request a smoke alarm in the Utica area by calling 315-733-4666, or request a smoke alarm online.

Register here to volunteer with the Red Cross during the National Sound The Alarm Event on April 28th in Utica.

Learn other ways to get involved throughout the year.

Make a donation or start your own fundraiser to support the Red Cross Home Fire Campaign.

Check out Free Tools & Resources offered by the Red Cross.

Learn more about how you can help First Source improve the quality of life in our community. 

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