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Living Smarter: Michael & Cindy’s Story

An Auto Loan
When Michael and Cindy first searched for a new vehicle, they approached the dealer about financing. Based almost solely on the numbers, they were told they couldn’t afford the vehicle they wanted. They were First Source Members, so they decided to ask us how we could help. 

Seeing the Whole Picture
We looked at the couple’s income, work history, and financial track record, and could see that they were reliable, with steady income. In addition, the new vehicle would help Michael’s career pursuits. Each situation is unique. For Michael and Cindy, these factors qualified them for a new vehicle loan. Even better news: we were able to help educate them on their purchase price. 

“First Source has taught [us] a lot about our finances."

Auto Pricing Advice
In addition to pre-qualifying Michael and Cindy for a vehicle loan, we helped them research the vehicle they wanted and understand what that car was worth, and showed them how dealer pricing could affect the final price they paid. This put them in a much better negotiating position. 

Getting Into a New Vehicle
Armed with their new knowledge and pre-approval, Michael and Cindy were able to get a better total price on their vehicle, and purchase that day with a qualifying loan from First Source. They learned to approach First Source first with any financial assistance or loan needs, and have had nothing but great experiences since. 

They’ve remained loyal to First Source ever since, and sought out advice or approvals before considering taking on new debt. They believe they make smarter financial decisions every time. 

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First Source Members Michael and Cindy share their experiences with First Source, and how they learned to make smarter decisions. “We live smarter, we save smarter, thanks to First Source.”

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