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Whether you’re getting credit for the first time, expanding your purchasing power, or replacing a card you’re unhappy with, we have great choices. Like the Visa® Platinum non-variable card. For some, a steady rate is most important. Or if you’re interested in earning rewards, the Visa® Platinum Rewards Plus variable-rate card, offers rewards like cash back, gift cards and travel.

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Credit Card Benefits

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  • Credit Limit: $500 Min/$50,000 Max, based on credit score
  • EMV Chip-Equipped Credit Card
  • Online/Mobile Banking


  • No Application Fee
  • No Balance Transfer Fee
  • No Cash Advance Fee
  • No Inactivity Fee
  • No Over-Limit Fee
  • 1% Foreign Transaction Fee


  • Minimum Monthly Payment: 2.5% of outstanding balance ($15 Min)
  • Late Payment Fee: 2.5% of balance due ($15 Min/$25 Max)

See full disclosure and agreement.

Membership and credit requirements apply. Rates and terms determined by overall credit history and subject to change.