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Skis, boots, and poles paid for with vacation financing sit in the snow near a car

Family Ski Vacation Financing 

Paying for your family trip

Do You Need Financing For Your Ski Trip?
Planning for a fun family ski or snowboarding trip includes some important decisions: packing the right clothing and equipment, as well as working out financing for your expenses. Between airfare, accommodations, lift tickets, entertainment, and daily expenses, your costs can be significant, and without the cash on hand, financing can make it more manageable, with predictable monthly installments and terms. 

Travel Destinations and Timing
You might be planning a trip in the Northeast, which includes some of the country’s premier resorts, a trip out west to great skiing in Utah or Colorado, or even to resorts in Canada. Each destination has its trade-offs, such as better snow vs. longer air travel, convenience to major travel hubs, and the costs of local accommodations, food, lift passes, and any entertainment other than the resort itself (if that’s in your plans). You can keep costs reasonable by traveling during less popular times, and to less popular resorts. Plan ahead for better rates on travel and resort expenses, and check out package pricing, including travel and accommodations, especially from travel sites. Research the offerings of each resort online, along with ratings, local entertainment, and transportation options. 

Smart Tips: Before You Shop
Before you book anything, you’ll want to have a good idea of how much you can afford. To arrive at an accurate estimate, make sure you consider costs for:

  • Airfare and accommodations
  • Food and entertainment for your entire group
  • Lift tickets for as many days as you plan to actually be on the slopes
  • Any new equipment needed for the trip (would equipment rentals be a possibility?)
  • Local transportation, such as a vehicle rental, taxis or ride share services, or public transportation

Once you’ve answered as many of these as possible, estimate a reasonable total for your vacation trip, including a buffer for incidental or unplanned expenses.

Financing Your Trip
There are a number of ways to finance your vacation, including personal loans, home equity options, and more, with varying terms and interest rates. Specific options may depend on your financial standing and credit. Visit First Source before you book any plans, so you’ll know just how much you can spend to meet your budget and your goals.

Try the Loan Calculator on this page to get an idea of what your payments could be with different terms. 

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