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Living Smarter: John’s Story

At First Source, we put our Members first. So we asked them to speak for us, and tell us about their financial services, and personal experience here.

A Vehicle Loan
John became a First Source Member in 1993, when he needed a vehicle loan. He received a financing offer from another financial institution, and after a short conversation with his representative, discovered he could save significantly by refinancing his loan through First Source. 

A Matter of Trust
This was the start of a long, trusting relationship where he was accepted for who he was. This was no small step for John, a Vietnam veteran who once felt the heartbreak of returning to a country and community which had lost support for the war. The social worker and firefighter established savings and checking accounts with First Source, and over the years returned for more financial advice. 

“What I like most about First Source is their kindness, their patience, their willingness to talk to you, and to assist you." - John

Debt Consolidation
During trying times, John came to First Source for help with his debt. He and his wife were retired and on a fixed income, so large, multiple monthly payments were challenging. His representative recommended a loan for debt consolidation, paying off several higher-interest loans with a single lower-interest one to significantly reduce his monthly payments, and make an enormous difference in his life.

Keeping Promises: Living Smarter
Every time First Source said they could help, they did, and worked with John to find the best solution for his needs. According to John, they kept their promises. At First Source, he always found friendly, supportive people who explained everything with patience, acceptance, and empathy. He considers himself a smarter financial consumer with First Source’s help over the years, and maintains friendships with his contacts there. He knows where to go when he needs financial advice. 

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First Source Member John shares his story of a long relationship with First Source, and how he found acceptance and trust in them. “They made me feel welcome.”

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