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Home Improvement Loan Comparison Calculator

Home Improvement Loans

Check today’s home improvement loan rates effective September 30, 2023

Term APR
12 Month as low as 7.74%
24 Month as low as 7.84%
36 Month as low as 7.94%
48 Month as low as 8.04%
60 Month as low as 8.14%
72 Month as low as 8.24%
84 Month as low as 8.34%
96 Month as low as 8.49%
108 Month as low as 8.64%
120 Month as low as 8.79%

Loan rates and terms are determined by overall credit history and are subject to change without notice. Applications are subject to credit approval.

Monthly payments for a 1 year home improvement loan at 7.74% would be $86.84 per $1,000 borrowed.

Loan must be used for items/services that are home improvement in nature.