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Living Smarter: Taylor’s home improvement story

At First Source, we put our Members first. So we asked them to speak for us, and tell us about their financial services—and personal—experience here.

Mortgage Loan

Taylor has been a First Source Member since 2010. As a small business owner and contractor, he was looking for a starter home he could update and renovate, sell for a profit, then search for his “dream home”. When he started, he knew nothing about getting a mortgage, and approached First Source for pre-approval for a house he was interested in. Unfortunately, the seller accepted someone else’s offer. He tried again, getting a new pre-approval for a new house. This happened three more times before Taylor finally had an offer accepted!

Home Improvement Loan

Once he bought the house, he made a plan to do a major renovation, and realized he would need an immediate infusion of cash to get started. He went back to First Source, and together they established that a home improvement loan was his best approach. Created just for this sort of renovation project—or other home improvement purchases such as a pool, spa, or deck—the loan provided money all at once for his materials. 

“They were quick to answer the phone, and answer emails.” - Taylor

Home Equity Line of Credit

As time went on, Taylor continued to renovate his house and build up equity, so he was able to open a First Source home equity line of credit (HELOC) for ongoing expenses. The HELOC creates a larger potential of funds from which a homeowner can draw over time, as they need it. This was perfect for his ongoing projects. 

Live Smarter

Taylor was impressed with First Source’s friendliness, patience, professionalism, and continuous assistance in his entire process. Live Smarter like Taylor, by applying for a First Source Home Improvement Loan. Call 315-735-8571 to talk about your home equity options or make an appointment with one of our representatives. Simply click on the button below, select the “Apply for a Loan” service from the menu and choose the “Home Equity” option.

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First Source Member Taylor tells the story of buying and renovating his first home. “They treated me well,” Taylor says. He shares how, in addition to a mortgage, he took advantage of a home improvement loan, and eventually a home equity line of credit.

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