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Scam Checker Coach

January 6, 2023

Learn The Difference Between Scams And Legitimate Messages

How It Works

Have you ever received a strange text, email, or voice message? This 3-minute Coach can help you gauge a scam in five easy questions or less. Using the Scam Checker can help you decide whether a message is worth investigating or probably a scam, helping protect your money and personal information.

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Get started below to investigate a suspicious message that you’ve received. Or use this tool proactively to learn and remember what to think about before responding to what may be a scam.

Live Smarter

If you still feel uneasy and have questions concerning potential scams or questionable communications, you can check out our Identity Protection page for tips on how to stay vigilant and keep your private information secure. You can also speak to one of our friendly Member Service Representatives by calling ​315-735-8571 or by scheduling an appointment. 

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