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Interactive Teller Machines: A Smarter ATM

Make Transfers, Loan Payments, Talk Live and More!

What is an ITM?

An ITM (Interactive Teller Machine) is very similar to an ATM (Automated Teller Machine), only better. First Source ATMs will be transitioning to ITMs, so that you can do more. With this new technology First Source Members will be able to:

  • Check your balance

  • Make withdrawals in multiple bill denominations (not limited to 20’s)

  • Make envelope-free cash or check deposits

  • Perform transfers between First Source accounts

  • Make First Source loan payments

  • Cash a check (bills only, change will be automatically deposited)

  • View a snapshot of your statement history

  • Receive live video assistance during business hours

  • Receive on the spot driver’s license identification where needed

The upgrade will take place over the next few months, one machine at a time to ensure alternate First Source ATMs are available for Member-use throughout the update.

Please be aware that during the installation process, the ATM receiving the update will be out of service.


Please note that non-members may use these machines, however, functionality will be limited to standard ATM capability of balance inquiries and withdrawals.

Get a sneak peek of our Interactive Teller Machine technology, coming soon to First Source.