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Teen Credit Card

Building Financial Independence

As our teen Members gain a greater understanding and appreciation of how money, financing and credit works, we are thrilled to be able to offer them a low-rate First Source VISA® Platinum Credit Card, with terms for teens. They must be 16 years old and have an adult co-borrower.

Having a credit card does come with new responsibility for teens. That’s why we offer educational lessons and programs which help teach responsible spending habits and credit card use. As they start off with smaller purchases, making on-time payments in full each month, they automatically begin to build good credit. This will help them with good repayment habits, allowing for greater future loan opportunities as well.

Teen using her credit card to shop online.

Live Smarter

We’re here to support your efforts to help your teen Live Financially Smarter. Call 315-735-8571 to talk about your options or make an appointment with one of our friendly Member service representatives today.

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To see what other tools and services we have available for our young Members, visit our Youth Accounts overview page.

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Credit Card Benefits

  • Lines Available: $500 and up
  • Low Fixed, or Variable with Rewards APR
  • EMV Chip-Equipped Credit Card
  • Online/Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Wallet Capability
  • No Application Fee
  • No Balance Transfer Fee
  • No Cash Advance Fee
  • No Inactivity Fee
  • No Over-Limit Fee
  • 1% Foreign Transaction Fee

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