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Savings Account Options

Planning for your future

Boy plays with toy airplane. Dreaming of travel? Saving early can put it within reach.We all have different goals, and First Source offers you a variety of accounts to help you save, whether it’s for health costs, education and college, children’s savings, joint savings, vacations, weddings, a home, retirement, medical or other unexpected emergencies, personal savings, and more. Not sure how much to spend or save, or what accounts will be best to get you started? We’ll begin by talking with you about your dreams and goals, and work with you on a custom savings plan made just for you. 

What’s Next?

When you’ve reached the comfort zone of having a little extra money every month, you’re probably thinking about where to put it, and a longer-term savings plan. You can potentially earn more in dividend-bearing accounts, and have a safe place to build your assets over the long term. If you’re not sure how to get started or which account is right for you, you’re not alone.

Mom reads book to young girl. Like her financial savings, she is planning ahead for college.Many of our Members come to us for assistance setting up a budget, and creating a savings plan for both the short and long term. We’re here to help. We’ll work with you on a savings plan, and give you more control over your financial future. Which account options will fit your needs? Our most popular choices are highlighted below in the section, “Which savings option is best for you?”.

What are you saving for?

Having a savings plan is a good idea, but everyone’s needs are different, so where do you start? We like to start with what you’re saving for.

Girl wears white dress, adult heels, and veil, imagining a wedding some day. 

  • Are you saving for immediate needs that you’ll want easy money access?

  • Maybe a comfortable cushion to have on hand for emergencies?

  • Something specific like a vacation, wedding, or new furniture?

  • What about longer-term needs like college, buying a home, or retirement?

  • Want to teach your children the importance of savings?

Your Custom Savings Plan

Most people have a combination of these or other needs, and require a savings plan—not just a single account—to meet all their needs. Once we know what you want to save for, we create a Custom Savings Plan just for you and your needs. We’ll talk with you about different account types and their details; how to distribute your savings into each account according to your budget, needs, timing, and the accounts’ earning potential; setting up a regular deposit schedule; and how to monitor your savings. We can talk as often as you like to assess your plan and accounts, and make adjustments according to changes in your financial situation, account yields, and timing. Your Custom Savings Plan is dynamic, ready to be fine-tuned as conditions change.

How do you get started? 

It starts with Membership. Opening a regular savings share at First Source solidifies your part ownership of the credit union. We are a member-owned organization, and this account affords you your share. With a $5 minimum deposit and by meeting the membership requirements, you become a Member, open your account, and start earning dividends on your savings immediately.

How does Membership in First Source FCU benefit you?

  • More than 30,000 nationwide surcharge-free ATMs though Co-op and Share Net ATM networks

  • Checking Account with reward options

  • Credit Card with reward options

  • Low fees, competitive rates

  • Kids’ savings programs with prizes

  • Online banking and mobile app convenience

Get started on your custom savings plan by making an appointment or calling 315-735-8571 today.


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Which savings option
is best for you?

Our most popular options
are highlighted for you.


  • Plan for retirement
  • Save for college
  • Receive additional income
  • Navigate insurance

Investment Accounts

IRA Certificate

  • Monthly dividends
  • Fixed & tiered rates
  • $1,000 min deposit
  • No additional deposits permitted
  • Early withdrawal penalties

IRA Options


  • Monthly dividends
  • Tiered rates
  • No minimum balance
  • Deposits permitted
  • Early withdrawal penalties

IRA Options

Money Market

  • Monthly dividends
  • Tiered rates
  • No min balance for dividends
  • Up to 6 withdrawals per month1

Money Market Accounts

Share Certificates

  • Monthly dividends
  • Fixed rates
  • $1,000 min deposit
  • No additional deposits permitted
  • Early withdrawal penalties apply

Share Certificates Accounts

Special Purpose

  • Monthly dividends
  • Variable rates
  • No minimum balance
  • Up to 6 withdrawals per month1

Special Purpose

1 Pre-authorized withdrawals or transfers.

Not sure how much you need?

Check out our helpful savings goal calculator.

Savings Goal Calculator

Want your savings to work harder?

Check today’s savings dividend rates effective April 25, 2019


Minimum balance to earn dividends

0.50% Rate
0.50% APY*


Minimum balance to earn dividends

0.55% Rate
0.55% APY*


Minimum balance to earn dividends

0.60% Rate
0.60% APY*

$5 minimum deposit required at account opening for regular share account only. Rates above are subject to change without notice.
*APY – Annual percentage yield. Fees can reduce earnings on the account.

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