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From time to time First Source has property and vehicles that have been foreclosed or repossessed. When available they are listed here and can be purchased via sealed bid process. Check back as items for sale change regularly.

Now accepting bids

Manufacturer: Victory Motorcycles
Year: 2013
Type: Cruisers
Model: High-Ball
Piston Displacement (CCs): 1731
Stroke: 4
Cylinders: 2
Mileage: 3,806
Dry Weight: 659 lbs.
Suggested List: Base price: $14,749
Rough Trade-in/Wholesale: Base price: $5,090
Clean Trade-in/Wholesale: Base price: $6,135
Average Retail: $8,040

If you would like to make an offer, please see a First Source Representative for a Sealed Bid Form.  Bids will be accepted until May 4, 2017 on this vehicle. If you would like to view the vehicle, you can contact Wizard Asset Recovery at 315-761-1481 for an appointment.