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Recreational Loan

Financing for your outdoor activities

A Recreational Loan is great for financing your outdoor activities, from 4-wheeling ATVs to UTVs, RVs, campers, jet skis, snowmobiles, and more. However you love to get outside and play, we have you covered.

Man enjoying his ATV in the woods.

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You can also protect your investment with the Route 66 Power Sports Warranty.

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Putting together an accurate estimate and getting pre-approval for your new ATV or UTV provide you with a number of benefits…

— ATV/UTV financing blog
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Recreational Loan Comparison

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Check today’s recreational loan rates effective September 26, 2023

Term APR
12 Month as low as 6.74%
24 Month as low as 6.74%
36 Month as low as 6.74%
48 Month as low as 7.00%
60 Month as low as 7.25%
72 Month as low as 7.35%
84 Month as low as 7.45%

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Loan rates and terms are determined by overall credit history and are subject to change without notice. Applications are subject to credit approval. Loan to value is determined by credit score.

Monthly payments for a 5 year recreational use vehicle or equipment loan at 7.25% would be $19.92 per $1,000 borrowed.

Membership and credit requirements apply. Rates and terms determined by overall credit history and subject to change.