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Youth Savings Accounts

Savings from Newborn to 17

It’s never too early to start to save for your child. Whether you start at birth or have them join you in the account opening process when they’re a little older, understanding that a credit union is a safe place to hold their money and allow them to earn dividends, is an important concept at any age.

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Instill Good Savings Habits To Last A Lifetime

Creating a path to good savings habits for your child at a young age can teach them patience and the importance of saving their money. Over time, they can learn how to deposit funds into their account for future expenses. They can also see how their savings add up to help them afford the things that matter to them. Not sure where to begin? We are happy to help you get started!

Ages 0–4

It’s a great idea to start saving for your child’s future, even before they are born. Our team at First Source can help parents set savings goals for their child’s future. As kids grow and their needs change, we can help you adapt your savings plan. Opening an account automatically makes them a part of the Kirby Kangaroo Club. Through the Club, we offer savings prizes, educational programs, and tools to help your child get excited about saving. 

We do not knowingly advertise to children under the age of 13. Please see our policy and adherence to COPPA regulations here.

Ages 5–12

As your child grows, our program encourages them to get involved and be eager to save as they get rewarded along the way. Kids earn Kirby Bucks as they make deposits into their account which they can accumulate and turn in for prizes. They also earn dividends so they can watch their money grow. School-aged kids beginning with 8 years old can play our interactive Banzai games. These are fun, age-appropriate, educational savings goal games. See if they can beat the game and reach their goal!

When your child begins earning their own money, through allowance, babysitting, lawn mowing, etc. they’ll really begin to appreciate a safe place to keep their money while they earn rewards and dividends.  

We do not knowingly advertise to children under the age of 13. Please see our policy and adherence to COPPA regulations here.

Ages 13–17

As your teen gets a job with a paycheck, starts thinking about a car and college, we help them navigate their new financial needs and responsibilities. If they already had a Kirby Kanagoo Account they will automatically transition into a CU Succeed/Claim Your Youth Account when they turn 13. Along with this savings account, when they turn 16 they can open a Money Manager Checking Account jointly with a parent or legal guardian, as well as apply for a low-rate auto loan or credit card made just for teens with an adult co-borrower.

All Ages (Newborn–17)

At any age you can open a youth term share certificate. This is a great way to earn your child higher dividends on money they don’t need access to for an extended period of time.

Free Educational Programs and Lessons

Using age-appropriate stories, games, incentives, benefits, and entertaining activities, children learn about the importance and functionality of savings and finance.

Fun tools designed to help include:

  • Quarterly newsletters with tips and activities

  • Web-based stories, games, coloring pages, and jokes

  • Special activities 

  • Earning dividends and savings prizes

  • And more!

Current Savings Prizes
NEW Quarterly Experience! Q1: Saturday, April 29th Plant-a-Seed Event (3) Kirby Bucks
Light up Slap Bracelet (2) Kirby Bucks
Water Bottle (3) Kirby Bucks
1 Utica Zoo Day Pass (4) Kirby Bucks
$5 Treehouse Reading & Art Center Gift Certificate (4) Kirby Bucks
Coupon for 1 Slice and a 12 oz. Fountain Soda Vinny's Pizza (Herkimer) (4) Kirby Bucks
$5 Nicky Doodles Gift Card (5) Kirby Bucks
$5 Bonomo’s Gift Card Plus 1 Free Small Cone Coupon (7) Kirby Bucks
$5 Gift Card Good For: Kookie's Q, Babe's, Aquavino, Tailor & The Cook, Comets Team Store, ADK Bank Center Concessions, 72 Tavern & Grill (7) Kirby Bucks
$5 Marquee Cinemas Gift Card (7) Kirby Bucks
Plush Kirby Kangaroo (8) Kirby Bucks
$10 PINZ Arcade Play Card (9) Kirby Bucks
2 Games/Shoes King Pin Lanes (10) Kirby Bucks

1 Kirby Buck earned for every $5 deposited. Limit of 5 Kirby Bucks dispersed per account/per day.
1 Kirby Prize redeemed per account/per day.

Live Smarter

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To see what other tools and services we have available for our young Members, visit our Youth Accounts overview page.

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Want your savings to work harder?

Check today’s share certificate rates effective September 26, 2023

Term Dividend Rate APY*
6 Months
$500.00 minimum balance to earn dividends
1.49% 1.50%
12 Months
$500.00 minimum balance to earn dividends
3.83% 3.90%
24 Months
$500.00 minimum balance to earn dividends
2.96% 3.00%

Share rates and yields are subject to change without notice. Early withdrawal penalties may apply. Fees may reduce earnings.
*APY – Annual percentage yield

We do not knowingly market to or solicit information from children under 13 without parental consent. We recognize that protecting children's identities and privacy online is important, and that the responsibility to do so rests with both the online industry and with parents. While First Source works to protect your personal information, you also have a responsibility.

Internet safety for children - The Internet is a public network. Children's access to the Internet can allow them to visit inappropriate websites and be exposed to unwanted risks. COPPA, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, protects children under the age of 13 from the online collection of personal information. Learn more about COPPA on the Federal Trade Commission's website. Parents can be proactive by installing filtering software that gives them more control over their family's Internet experience.

We recommend that minors ask their parents for permission before sending any information about themselves to anyone over the Internet.