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Car Repair Loan

Need To Repair Your Current Vehicle?

Don't wait to get the fixes you need. Financing car repairs with a personal loan can be a great way to keep your ride running smoothly for years to come.

Young man repairing a car.

Will The Repairs Be Worth The Investment?

Some car repairs can be costly, and depending on your situation, it could be worth considering a new or used vehicle using an Auto Loan rather than adding up expenses to repair your current vehicle. Some things to consider are the age of the vehicle, how much you owe on the vehicle, the cost of the repairs, and after the repairs are complete, the life expectancy of the vehicle. 

Some Common Uses For A Car Repair Loan Include:

  • Tires 

  • Brakes

  • Accident

  • Transmission

When Does a Car Repair Loan Make Sense?

  • Insurance Won’t Cover The Costs - Auto accident insurance doesn’t always cover all types of accidents, and doesn’t always cover the full cost of repairs. When you can’t afford the full amount out of pocket, an auto repair loan may be the answer.

  • You Can’t Afford It Right Away - Often the timing of an accident means you don’t have the funds for repairs available immediately, but can’t be without your primary transportation. To cover you until you have the money, you may consider financing your auto repairs.

  • You Need a Short-Term Monthly Payment Plan - While you may not be able to swing the full cost of repairs all at once, a short-term emergency car repair loan can make it manageable by turning your payments into a monthly plan to fit your budget.

Personal Loan Rate

Vehicle repair financing falls under a personal loan, and you can see our low personal loan rates below before making your appointment. 

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To see the different types of vehicle loans and services available to our Members, visit our Car Loan Options overview page.

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