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Free Community Financial Education

First Source offers community education to fit your needs. From classroom presentations for elementary students through collegiate level, to employee wellness fairs and continuing development, breakfast or lunch 'n' learns, job fairs, summer programs, community events, and more! Presentations can be given on-site in person or virtually.

FREE community education to fit your needs

General Topics Include (but are not limited to):

  • Financial Basics and Money Management

  • Credit

  • Saving & Budgeting

  • Investing

  • Careers

Each of these is tailored to the audience based on age and financial knowledge.

For elementary kids the focus is around concepts such as, “What is money?”, “Why do I need it?”, “How can I do smart things with my money?”, and learning to develop good saving and spending habits early on.

For high school and college students we offer an “Adulting” class, which is all about money in the real world. We answer questions like, “What happens when you get that first job?”, “How do you budget, save, and spend appropriately?”, “How do you develop good credit?”

The “Careers” class covers what kinds of jobs are available in the financial industry, and specifically, at First Source. We discuss what the skillsets are, and the education needed to succeed.

For wellness fairs, we take a Financial Wellness approach. This often includes credit, budgeting, and thinking about your full financial picture.

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