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Healthy Pet Loan

Living Smarter: Rocky’s Healthy Pet Loan Story

At First Source, we put our Members first. So we asked them to speak for us, and tell us about their financial services, and personal experience here.

Pet Financing

When Dana, a First Source Member since 2015, first discovered health problems with Rocky, one of her five dogs, she knew a solution wouldn’t be simple. As a veterinarian, she knew his cancer fell outside of her expertise. His best treatment option was a targeted radiation therapy with virtually no side effects. He required a CT scan and three “CyberKnife” radiation treatments at the only veterinary CyberKnife facility nearby, in Pennsylvania. It would relieve Rocky’s symptoms, extend his life, and give him a much better quality of life. The downside: it required out-of-state travel, and was expensive, so they would need financing. 

Credit Card? Personal Loan?

Dana and her fiancé had considered using their pet care credit card to pay for the treatment, but that would mean paying a fairly high interest rate, so they asked about getting a personal loan. When they gave their reason for the loan, we offered a better suggestion: a lower-rate Healthy Pet Loan, created for just this type of expense. 

“The real gift is having more time with Rocky.” - Dana

A Healthy Pet Loan

A Healthy Pet Loan interest rate can be a fraction of a credit card rate. It can be used to finance your pet’s vet bills, pet surgery, prescriptions (already ordered, or prescribed in the current month), well visits, supplies and medical equipment, and even obedience school/animal behavior training. Most pet health expenses, except for grooming and food. Dana and her fiancé applied, were approved, and received payment within a few days.

Pet Treatment

Rocky weathered the travel and treatments well, and the therapy was a success. His symptoms disappeared, he had more energy and enthusiasm, and he returned to his normal, playful self. 

Live Smarter

Dana learned that there are often better, smarter alternatives to our traditional financial paths, and she is grateful to First Source for helping to make a difficult process easier. Rocky will almost certainly need further treatment, and when that time comes, her first call will be to First Source.

If you have a difficult decision to make for yourself and your pet, Live Smarter like Dana and start the application process below.


If you’re not ready to apply for a Healthy Pet Loan, and have questions, we are here to help. Call 315-735-8571 to talk about your options or make an appointment with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives today.

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First Source Member Dana talks about how a Healthy Pet Loan made such a big difference in securing life-extending treatment for their cherished dog, Rocky. “First Source gave us a smarter option,” she says. Rocky is thriving.

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