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Kitchen Remodel Financing

Paying for kitchen home improvement projects

Kitchen remodel financing options
Whether you’re considering a minor makeover of kitchen cabinets or countertops, upgrading appliances, or a completely new kitchen remodel, there are a number of financing options. Choosing the right financing is important.

Should You Finance Your Remodel?
We can help you decide whether you—and your current financial situation—are better suited to waiting and saving up for the payment, or financing now. Factors to take into account: how long you’ll need to save versus when you really want (or need) your kitchen finished; and your current financial standing and debt.

How soon do you want/need your kitchen?
Maybe you’re doing a partial renovation—just cabinets, or new countertops—and can wait longer to get them done. For projects like those, we would recommend taking time to save the cash (we can help you with savings and budgeting advice). For a larger project—say, a kitchen that needs to be redone because of damage, an upcoming house sale, or a big event you want to be ready for—financing may be your best (or only) way to get it done sooner.

Your current financial standing and debt
We help you evaluate your current debt obligations and financial standing, to see if you can afford the financing for which you’re applying.

Home Improvement Loan for Kitchen Remodeling
For a kitchen renovation, a home improvement loan is a great financial choice. We’ll discuss options to consider for your personal situation: loan rates, interest and fees, loan term (or length of time to pay back), and final monthly payments.

A home improvement loan is often a great choice for small to medium projects that don’t require home equity, but are too big to pay off in a few credit card cycles. Competitive interest rates and flexible terms make this type of loan attractive for kitchen renovations.

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