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Work Smarter: Employee Spotlight On Robert

December 19, 2023

Photo of Robert, Member Experience Representative

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”I started with First Source in March of 2023. There were a variety of factors that made me choose the credit union as my place of employment. I was a member first, and anytime I would visit a branch or call for assistance, everyone was always kind and friendly. Another reason is because personal finance has always been an interesting topic to me, so I loved the idea of having a job where I get to help people work through what can be a difficult concept.

Currently, I am a Member Experience Representative in Washington Mills. I help members with all different types of transactions and highlight the features and convenience of our Interactive-ATMs. What I love most about this job is that I can use both personal and technological service to help members through their day-to-day transactions. This allows for a unique learning experience for both members and staff alike. It has allowed us to further relationships, educate members, and highlight a modern approach to banking.

Working at First Source has helped me to better understand the type of career path I hope to follow. It is because of my employment here that I have plans to attend graduate school for business administration to further my education. If I never started here, I may have never realized my love for finance, and helping people achieve their financial goals.

The best part about working here is the relationships you build with your co-workers and members. Everyone at First Source is compassionate, caring, and always willing to help you. From top to bottom everyone wants what is best for each other, and I believe that no matter what you will always feel cared for and appreciated. Members are consistently thankful for what you do and are willing to get to know you. They want to have a relationship with you, which is one of the many reasons First Source is a great organization to work for.” 

- Robert, Member Experience Representative

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