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Building an Emergency Fund

September 30, 2022

Setting Aside Savings In Case Of A Crisis

A healthy emergency fund is one of the most vital ways to protect yourself in periods of unemployment, unanticipated medical procedures, expensive car repairs, and many other financial speedbumps life can throw at you. In general, it’s recommended that you save up 3 months of essential living expenses, although how much you need in your emergency fund is unique to you and your personal circumstances. An emergency fund can give you time and relieve stress during your period of hardship.

Worried young couple with financial bills.

In this 3-minute coaching session, you’ll find out how much you need to save for a robust emergency fund.

Live Smarter

Keep in mind that while an emergency fund is crucial, it may take time to build. It can be helpful to create a budget that includes your new savings goal along with your everyday expenses. Check out this Budget Calculator to see where you can cut expenses, even temporarily, to build an emergency fund. If you’d like to speak to one of our friendly Financial Service Representatives, you can schedule an appointment or call 315-735-8571.

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