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Can I Afford a Mortgage?

September 17, 2021

Paying For Your New Home With Practicality

In this 7-minute personalized session, you will be guided through finding out how much you can afford and setting up a monthly mortgage payment goal. So you have a better understanding, this session will also explain the main factors that affect mortgage costs.

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Please provide the most accurate information to your interactive coach as possible, so as to yield the best and most realistic results for your personal needs.

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Mortgage Smarter

Now that you know how much mortgage you can afford, it’s a good time to learn the different types of mortgages and which one is best for you. Visit our mortgage page to explore affordable home financing options. Get started on affording your new home today by making an appointment with one of our knowledgeable Mortgage Team representatives.

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Interested in learning more? There are also additional resources which have been created specifically to help you gain financial freedom. Feel free to use these anytime.

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