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Managing Illness

December 8, 2023

Useful Tips To Help Navigate The Inevitable

Father and daughter communicating with a doctor via video call from home.

It’s getting to be that time of year. The weather turns and sickness hits. Our friends at Banzai have a full library of helpful resources and options when it comes to planning for, or navigating through illness, especially if you are unable to work. In addition to these resources, as a Member of First Source, if you have a checking account and are enrolled in the Only One Rewards Program, one of the benefits you receive includes telehealth video or phone visits with zero copays!

Learn more about managing illness with these tips from Banzai.


Learn more about qualifying for Only One Checking Rewards including free telehealth visits.

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We care about more than just your financial health. We care about your physical well-being as well. If you are a First Source checking account holder you can get started by calling 315-735-8571 to receive your personal access code. If you don’t have a First Source checking account, schedule an appointment with one of our friendly Financial Service Representatives today to take advantage of our program benefits

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