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Paying for College

September 15, 2023

Navigate The Path With Banzai’s Educational Collection

College can be a truly fantastic experience. For some, it’s the next step to becoming independent by leaving home to live on campus. For others, it’s the opportunity to get a secondary education at a more local school while staying at home and possibly working a part-time job to help save for a future of independence. No matter how you do it, continuing your education is a great choice, but that choice will come with a price tag.

Multiethnic college student friends studying together at campus.

There are many options when considering how you’ll pay for your college education, such as financial aid, grants, scholarships, personal student loans, and government student loans. Where do you start? Do you know how much your education will cost, what type of financial assistance is right for you, and how your financial decisions may impact your future? It can seem overwhelming, but fortunately, our friends at Banzai have made this journey a little easier with their Paying for College educational collection. Here you’ll find articles, interactive coaches, and calculators that can help you plan, save, and compare the cost of college tuition and better understand the types of financial assistance that are available to you.

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We at First Source are passionate about education. We work with Sallie Mae to offer nationwide scholarship opportunities. Check out our Scholarship Search Tool that connects you with a database of more than 3.5 million scholarships! You can also find more information about Undergraduate Loans and Graduate Program Loans on our website. If you’d like assistance with your financial budget and savings goals for college, call our friendly Financial Service Representatives at 315-735-8571 or make an appointment online today.

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