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Workplace Cybersecurity

October 28, 2022

Boost Your Knowledge And Skills To Help Protect Yourself And Your Organization From Digital Threats

These days, interacting with technology at work is generally a standard part of the job. Do you know how to keep yourself and your employer safe from the threats of malware, hackers, and scammers? It only takes one small error to cause a potentially big problem.

Cybersecurity experts working on protecting company from digital attacks and keeping their information and networks safe.

This 10-minute Coach Session works like a training session, challenging and advancing areas within your personal and professional cybersecurity skills. As you move through this training, you’ll test and improve your skills through quizzes, scenarios, and exercises.

We’ll focus on four categories:

  1. Passwords

  2. Device and Account Security

  3. Emails

  4. Personal Safety

Live Smarter

Want to take your knowledge of cybersecurity further? Check out this interactive Internet Safety course to experience first-hand how to stay secure on the internet. You can also visit our website for more guidance and tips for staying safe online.

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