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Whether you’re ready for a fishing boat, tracker boat, sport boat, speed boat, ranger boat, canoe, kayak, luxury pontoon, or any other kind of boat, getting financing is your first stop. 

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Boat Financing

When buyers consider financing a boat purchase, their biggest questions are in the details: What are boat financing rates? How do I get pre-approved? Can I get a loan with zero down? How easy is it to apply for—and get approved for—a boat loan? And typically how long is a boat loan? Many of the answers depend on your individual circumstances, finances, savings, income, and other factors. We’ll cover them quickly and simply when we speak with you, explain how financing a boat works, see if you qualify to be pre-approved, and give you options to fit your budget and lifestyle. You can start with an idea of your payments using our Boat Loan Calculator, below.

Boat Interest Rates

Most loan rates vary with your personal financial standing, including debt to income ratio, down payment, and credit. The range of our current rates is available below, where we show the lowest possible rate. The rate you pay will vary, depending on the details of your application, including credit history. Considering a jet ski? Check out our Recreational Loan rates.

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