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Living Smarter: Diana’s mortgage planning story

At First Source, we put our Members first. So we asked them to speak for us, and tell us about their financial services—and personal—experience here.

Diana has been a Member since 2007, a professional that works locally, and supports her four children. After she went through a divorce, Diana wanted to ensure that she had a house for her children that was familiar. She agreed to take over financial responsibility for the family home from her ex-husband, establishing a new mortgage. She also wanted to keep her good credit rating intact throughout the process. First Source is always her “go to” for important financial decisions, and she worked with a mortgage representative to work out the details. She very much appreciated the local attention and responsive assistance during the process, as well as the comfort level and trust she experiences with First Source.

Diana was able to take out a second mortgage in her name only, pay off the first one, and continue with a single mortgage going forward. Throughout it all, we made sure she had everything she needed, logistically and financially. We were by her side throughout the process, and she came away feeling that everything went as smoothly as possible, and she is armed with more knowledge to make even smarter financial decisions in the future.

"First Source really helped me with keeping my priorities in order.” - Diana

Live Smarter 

Diana met all her goals, with exactly the mortgage services she needed. With favorable terms and a rate that works for her home and her new life. Like Diana, you can Live Smarter, with First Source Mortgage Planning.


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First Source Member Diana shares how we helped make the whole mortgage process easier, from start to finish. “First Source helped keep me on track,” Diana says. From a financial check-up, to checklists, advice, and paperwork, we’re here for you all along the way.

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