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Personal Use Loans

Tailored To Your Needs

Whether you’re planning for a major milestone or facing the uncertainty of life's more unexpected moments, take control of your financial future with a Personal Loan customized to fit your unique needs. With flexible loan options and no minimum loan amount, we can help provide you with the funds you need, while avoiding unnecessary credit card debt.

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Here are some of the top uses for personal loans. Prepare for your next major purchase to be made with easy-to-manage monthly payments.

Emergency Expenses
Funds for the unexpected

It’s hard to imagine a major life emergency where financial assistance isn’t needed. So when it is, we have a loan to help you weather the storm. Emergencies can’t always be planned for, but our assistance can be counted on.

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Wedding Loan 
Celebrate your next chapter

With the proper planning, you can make your perfect wedding a reality. Consider financing your nuptials with a lower-rate Wedding Loan as an alternative to using your credit card to help pay for your big day.

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Baby Expenses 
Afford your growing family

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a beautiful though often costly experience. A New Baby Loan can help you manage the many expenses that a newborn brings.

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Moving & Relocation Costs
Start your next adventure

Expenses for moving or relocating can add up quickly. A Moving Loan can be a smart option to affordably cover the costs.

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Healthy Pet Loan​ 
Financing for your best friend

A Healthy Pet Loan can help finance unexpected pet medical and behavioral needs including prescriptions, treatments or surgery.

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Travel/Vacation​ Loan​ 
Plan your dream getaway

If you’re looking to take a big vacation, this loan can be a great option to help you cover your travel expenses.

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Medical Loan 
The road to recovery

When medical needs arise, the costs to cover them can too. This loan option can help provide you with financial assistance for various kinds of medical attention that you may require.

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Family Support Loan  
Support during difficult times

The loss of a loved one can be overwhelming and even if you’ve had some time to save, burial costs and services can be expensive. A  Family Support Loan can help ease the burden so that you can focus on your family.

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General Personal Loans​
Secure the funds you need

Personal loans can be ideal for a broad range of uses, and are not limited to the situations listed here. We are happy to review your specific needs to see if a personal loan is the best solution for you.

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Everyone’s needs are unique and we can help you get the money you need, when you need it. Get started with the application below.


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Check today’s personal loan rates effective September 30, 2023

Term APR
12 Month as low as 8.74%
24 Month as low as 8.74%
36 Month as low as 8.99%
48 Month as low as 8.99%
60 Month as low as 8.99%

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Loan rates and terms are determined by overall credit history and are subject to change without notice. Applications are subject to credit approval.

Monthly payments for a 5 year personal loan at 8.99% would be $20.75 per $1,000 borrowed.

Membership and credit requirements apply. Rates and terms determined by overall credit history and subject to change.