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Tropical Vacation Financing

Paying for family travel

Financing a Warm Weather Trip
When cold weather inspires you to travel to someplace warm and tropical, planning ahead can be your smartest move. Your first effort should be to start saving for your trip. Putting aside a little extra every week, even if only for your daily vacation travel expenses, is a great beginning. A fun family trip will include packing right, planning an itinerary, and deciding on the highlights you want to see…as well as working out financing to pay your costs. Between airfare, accommodations, entertainment, local travel, and day-to-day expenditures, your expenses can add up, and if you don’t have the cash on hand, financing can be a great compromise, with predictable monthly installments and terms. 

Choices, Choices
Wherever your tropical destination, choosing your travel details wisely can make the trip much easier to plan, and less of a financial burden. Choosing to travel near the fringes of the season (early or late) can save you on airfare and accommodations. Destination restaurants also tend to charge less to attract business during slower periods, as do travel rentals and entertainment venues. You can keep costs reasonable by flying on weekdays, and aiming for locations that aren’t especially at the very top tier of destinations. Online research can give you an idea of the best choices to fit your vacation goals, and allow you to explore package deals. 

Smart Tips: Estimating Costs
Before you make any commitments, make a list of all your expenses, to see what you can afford. For the most accurate result, remember to plan for:

  • Airfare, accommodations, and local transportation at your destination

  • Food and entertainment for your entire group

  • Costs of the attractions and activities you’re planning

  • Anything new you’ll need for the trip (e.g. new luggage, clothing for the climate)

Once you’ve completed your list, add a buffer for incidental or unplanned expenses, and figure your total.

Financing Your Vacation
If you’ve already started searching for a travel loan, you know that there are many options for financing your vacation, including personal loans, home equity options, and more, and each has different terms and interest rates. Which options you should consider will depend on a number of factors, including your financial standing and credit. Plan to meet with a First Source representative before you book anything, to find out how much you can comfortably finance, and which method will best meet your budget and goals. We’ll help you cover the bases for planning your finances.

Try the Loan Calculator on this page to get an idea of what your payments could be with different terms. 

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