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Helpful Tips to Reduce Energy Costs at Home

March 3, 2023

5 Ways To Cut Your Energy Bill Now

Rising electric costs are a cause of concern for most homeowners. There are ways to reduce the consumption of energy in your home without sacrificing comfort. Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind.

Woman controlling home temperature with electronic thermostat

1. Turn Down the Heating Expense

  • Have your furnace inspected and in tip-top shape for the best efficiency.

  • Replace your filters monthly, and be sure to keep warm-air registers and baseboard heaters clean.

  • Limit the use of bathroom fans and kitchen ventilation. Yes, they serve a purpose, but they also suck the heated air out of your house. 

  • Use plastic shrink sealer on windows.

2. Unplug Vampire Electronics

  • TVs, computers, game consoles, and even device chargers can continue to use energy even if they’re shut off. Unplugging items that aren’t used throughout your day can save on the electric bill.

3. Lighting Bill - Shorter Days, More Light Use

  • Put all external lights on timers or sensors to limit their use where possible.

  • Update your home with energy-efficient lights and switches.

  • Brighter isn’t always better for the bill. Keep lights dim or off during the day, and take advantage of natural light if possible.

4. Evaluate the Use of Appliances

  • Turn up fridge and freezer temperature settings by about 5 degrees. Keep in mind 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below is ideal for refrigerator settings and 0 degrees Fahrenheit or below is ideal for freezers, according to the FDA.

  • Wash and dry full laundry loads instead of partial or small loads.

  • Air dry laundry instead of using a dryer.

  • Using a dishwasher can save more energy than washing dishes by hand.

5. Keep up with Regular Maintenance

  • Make sure your home is well insulated.

  • Get your central air and furnace regularly inspected as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning account for most of the energy used in a house. 

  • Dusting and cleaning your appliances often reduce their energy consumption.

Some other maintenance tips include checking your plumbing for leaks, using solar power, getting a programmable thermostat, insulating electrical outlets, keeping vents clear of clutter and debris, and even cooking with the right-sized burner on the stovetop. Keeping a log of your regular maintenance can keep you on track. It’s also helpful to record dates for things like air and water filter changes. The more detail you put into the efficiency of your home the more energy you might conserve.

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