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Pet Financing

Healthy Pet Loan

Pet Surgery & Medical Expenses

Our pets are an integral part of our family. They’re loved like our children, brothers or sisters. Sometimes caring for a pet can become costly, and we know just how important it is to have a happy, healthy pet. When you’re faced with medical expenses for your pet—medical procedures and therapies, medications and more—paying for pet care services is one of the most common challenges. The biggest cost is normally for pet surgery, which can run as high as some of our own more serious medical costs. It’s common to seek help in paying them off. 

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Pet Care Financing

Many veterinarians don’t offer funding or payment plans, so we look for outside assistance. Often people simply put the cost on their credit card, and pay the high interest until the bill is paid off. Many also use "pet care credit cards", which are designed to help you shoulder medical expenses, but carry their own fairly high interest rates. A personal loan, while an even better choice, has such a wide range of uses, the rates and terms don’t always fit the necessities of pet medical expense financing. So what’s the best solution? 

A Healthy Pet Loan

Because of a strong need for a more reasonable way to finance pet medical costs, First Source created a loan for just this type of expense. The interest rate can be a fraction of many credit cards, with friendly terms and a manageable payment plan. Along with a simple application and approval process, the funds can be made available quickly (especially useful in an emergency). 

What Does it Cover?

  • Veterinary bills

  • Surgery

  • Prescriptions1

  • Charges, including well visits

  • Supplies/medical equipment

  • Obedience school/animal behavior training2

Live Smarter

Give your pet the best possible care, with the least financial burden for you. Get started with the application process below.


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*Federally insured by NCUA. Membership and credit requirements apply. Rates and terms determined by overall credit history and subject to change.

1Those already ordered, or prescribed in the current month. This is not a revolving line of credit.

2Does not include grooming/pet food.