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Overdraft Protection

How We Help Cover Your Account

Every once in a while there may be a situation where you inadvertently spend more than what is in your account. We understand things happen, and that is why we offer our Members Overdraft Protection. 

What is an overdraft exactly? An overdraft is when your transaction exceeds your available balance. Thanks to our Overdraft Protection options, you can ease your mind knowing the transaction will be covered and can still go through.

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Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

We will automatically transfer funds from your savings account to cover your checking account if needed, unless you choose to opt out of this service. We will give you up to 3 free transfers from your savings account to your checking account/month. After 3, we will still cover your funds at a cost of $5/transfer.

Step 2:

In addition, we offer memberRESERVE (click for full disclosure), a courtesy pay program, unless you choose to opt out. This is not a line of credit at your disposal. It is truly for emergencies and accidents - a safety net of sorts. Should a charge come through your checking account, you don’t have enough to cover (even in savings), we may pay on your behalf as you replenish your funds. This service has a tiered fee structure based on the amount of memberRESERVE used per occurrence, not to exceed $25/occurrence. It may help you to avoid bounced checks and other returned items. See full fee schedule below. 

Step 3:

If you find yourself using memberRESERVE in excess, we also offer an Overdraft Line of Credit. This is a true loan product used to cover your checking account negative funds. Credit requirements apply. This is ideal should you find yourself frequently in this situation. You can use it as needed to cover checks or debit card transactions. You may not withdraw direct cash off the line.

Fees for Overdrafts

You can view our standard Overdraft Protection fees, as well as other fees associated with your account, here.

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Minimum balance to earn dividends
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Minimum balance to earn dividends
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